How much do custom invitations cost?

Custom work begins at $2500. The details of our collection options are currently coming together, and should be ready to be presented by the end of February 2018. 

When should we get started?

For wedding invitations, the design process should begin a minimum of 8 weeks before your mailing date. If you're cutting it close, it's best to get in touch to see if we can accommodate your timing.

Do you offer rush service?

Yes. Depending on our schedule, there may be an applicable rush fee.

Any other hot tips?

Always! Be sure to check the weather forecast before mailing your invitations. In the case of a predicted torrential downpour- your invitations can wait a day or two.

When sealing your envelopes- it's best not to over-do it. The back of our euro flap envelopes come to a point. We always suggest to moisten only about an inch on either side of the point. This avoids your envelopes (and liners) being destroyed in the effort to open them.

During assembly- it's best to avoid wearing nail poilsh. It can transfer to beautiful paper easily.