Below, you'll find the design options for the 2018 Semi-Custom Collection. Click through each titled design for a visual representation of the various Tier levels available. Envelope and paper colors are flexible based on Tier selection.  Venue Sketches are able to be added to any package.
The ordering guide is a fantastic reference to have available in a separate tab while contemplating your decision. 

A quick overview of the general design + printing details per Tier as the examples are still only a small sample of the possibilities. Please take note, there are a some designs that do not have a Tier III option. 

TIER III: 1 Color letterpress, Tier II + III envelope and paper color options

TIER II: 2 Color letterpress or 1 color letterpress + watercolor, available white ink printing for enclosure cards and reply envelopes
Tier II + III envelope and paper color options

TIER I: Available up to 3 color letterpress (within the suite) + watercolor elements
White ink printing available for enclosure cards. reply envelopes and sending envelopes- for recipient and return addressing
Tier I envelope + paper color options

Once you're ready with selections and wording- the "selections + wording" button below will bring you to the next step.

And as always don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.