a little intro...

Hi there- I’m Lauren, my friends call me Loo. I thought we’d kick it off with some completely random facts about me + my clan, our life, and this crazy whirlwind of a business path that I fall in love with more and more each day. On the reg, though- I’ll be posting print + design projects and day to day shop + family happenings- with some inspiration, insight, and stationery + event related etiquette thrown in the mix. 

Although we got our start in 2009, Darling + Pearl was officially re-named, registered + re-branded in 2013.  Since the beginning, we've picked up- silkscreening, about 6 tons of cast iron, (3 presses + a monster sized paper cutter) a love for letterpress printing, and two small children. (=P) There's still plenty of road ahead, but I'd totally be lying if I said we didn't love it.

What do we do? Design- stationery, branding, signage, home decor, any-and-every-thing.
Print- flat printing, but mostly letterpress- mostly (wedding) invitations. working on an official wedding collection for 2016 + greeting card line.
Silkscreen- wooden signage, but we've been known to dabble in- event menus, children's stepstools and custom home decor or anything you can think of.

Now here's the rundown. 

Loo. latte addict. skinny jean collector. font aficionado. instagram junkie. emoji over-user.
do-it—ALL-myself-er. (although, I’m working on that) sky-picture-taker

Coming from a line of entrepenuers- I was definitely built to be my own boss. Bartending was the main gig for like, 8 years. (it’s how I met Hubs, even) bought a house, got engaged, panicked, started designing wedding invitations. the rest is history.

Greg. (hubs) ultimate devil’s advocate, beer snob. brainstorming champion. sand castle architect.

Greg seldom gets the credit he deserves in business related matters, but truthfully- he’s the rock. cast iron mover, wood cutter, sander, strategizer, event wall assembler-
among so many ridiculous other things.
(beer photo credit: d. reed, insert crying laugh face here- lol)

Declan. chocolate milk enthusiast, dinosaur caretaker + the original destroyer of all things.
fastest, strongest, big, bigger, biggest.
prize winning cuddle monster. 

Finna. pebbles doppelgänger, toddler fashionista, pillow softness inspector.
joke maker + the eater of all things.


Our little family of four and our yearly (and my favorite!) christmas card brainstorm collaboration. 

Things get a little crazy and time flies REALLY fast while raising babies + business. I’ve found a new calm and sense of happiness since we’ve started growing our family. BUT with so many things happening day to day I - tend to lose words in my head when I speak to people, feel really awkward in public when I don’t have a child on my hip, and my coffee dependency is on level- extreme. Yay for all those things. 

St. Thomas is our favorite family vacation. 30’s are the new 20’s,
G R E Y is the ultimate neutral. 


That’s all for now.