Lovesick | Philadelphia

This past weekend we packed up our seven + a half foot event wall and the rest of our display setup for the Lovesick Expo at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. As quoted by the Lovesick Inc. team- This is the wedding show for the good people who would never go to your typical "bridal show.” And I couldn’t agree more. I feel like this show has a special place in my heart because I was never the bride that went to bridal shows- ALSO let’s talk about pulling together the area’s best wedding vendors and sticking them all in the same building. EVERYONE seriously BRINGS IT! (and i WISH we took more pictures!)
(pictured below: our 2016 table setup + feature badge collection (!) and lovesick, 2015. we spent 2016 in the same comfy spot.) 

Preparations included: putting together these GORGEOUS flowers! printing promo coasters (people literally go CRAZY over letterpress coasters!) + sorting through all of the best work from 2015 to decide what to showcase- this was certainly the most overwhelming task- with the flowers being a close second. =P (and YES! we are including letterpress thank you notes with all letterpress + mixed media wedding invitation packages. For a limited time, contact for details.)

The day was fantastic! Hubs made the perfect wingman. We made a couple new friends, saw some old ones, had some expected (and surprise) visitors, and spoke with a TON of rad couples and potential clients. And of course HAD to take some photos down the brick alley. (we missed you on sunday, Monica!) Cheers to another great event!